Parenting Tips - First Time Mothers

Parenting Tips - First Time Mothers

Here are some useful pointers for first-time mothers as well as mothers with a new addition to the family:

Handling allergic reactions
If you child has an allergic reaction to certain types of food, it is most likely to show up as read itching skin, diarrhea and vomiting. In this case, avoiding the food is usually enough. If your child ever gets signs of serious allergy, like swollen lips or shortness of breath, you should seek medical help right away.

Chickenpox woes
If your child comes down with chickenpox, it will help if he/she wears loose, comfortable clothes. It will also help if he is free of clothes from time to time to allow the spots to dry quickly.

Comb the lice out
Most children will get headlice at some point of their life. To remove them, use a fine louse comb with some natural herbal powder or lotion and check their hair at least once a day for a week.

Soothe the itch
For skin rashes and itching due to chickenpox, try calamine and aqueous cream or Eurax cream they are easier to apply than watery lotions and work straight away to cool down skin and prevent itching.

Keep the bed clean
Vacuuming your childrens mattresses to get rid of dead skin and dust mite debris whenever you change their sheets can help reduce night-time allergens that cause itching and a runny nose.

Damage control
Children are notoriously difficult to control, and it will be tiresome telling them they cant touch this or that. Try to invest in surfaces and objects that dont require constant upkeep that way, you can keep the don touch orders to a minimum.

Rubber mat for tub
Place a rubber mat in your bathtub to prevent your child from slipping and hurting himself. This is particularly important if your child has to stand up and rinse himself.

Assign a job or chore
Try to get your child involved in what you are doing. Even older children do not find chores boring like adults do, so letting them help you will make them feel wanted and important. It also helps in family bonding.